Second Generation Apple TV Review

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// February 12, 2021

After using the new and improved Apple TV, here’s a few things that impressed me and some things I found disappointing.

The first thing that I found impressive is the size. I knew it was small but when I took the device out of the box, I was still surprised just how small it was. I find this a nice feature, who needs a big bulky box taking up alot of space? This has to be one of the smallest set top boxes on the market.

The next thing that impressed me was Netflix. I am surprised how fast the videos were ready to play and by the quality of the video. Personally, I find that Netflix is the single best reason to own the device. If you are already a Netflix customer, you get access to alot of great movies for no additional charge.

For me, the next best feature is the ability to stream music from iTunes on a computer to the device, which will play on a surrond system. Users can also stream movies, TV shows, photos, podcasts and more from their computers to the new Apple TV.

Everything that I have tested worked fast and was very responsive. The speed and quality of all the videos from the new Apple TV worked outstanding, with the exception of YouTube. The quality of YouTube videos are going to look about the same as on a computer.

The next thing that I’m impressed with is the price. iFixit has discovered the device has 8GB of storage and for Apple to make a device with that much storage for $99 is still surprising.

Now, here is what is disappointing about the new Apple TV. The first thing is the lack of apps for Apple TV. There are several apps that would work great with the device but they would need to reformatted for TV. Apps will provide more ways for users to get video content and would turn Apple TV into a game console.

Full access to the internet should be a must for the next Apple TV also. It shouldn’t be difficult to add a browser and would be a nice feature to have.

The Apple remote app on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch works much better than the included remote but some improvements can be made to make navigation easier. There are times when you will need to keep tapping the menu button to get where you want to go. A change to the UI could create short cuts and simply navigation.

Overall, the second generation Apple TV is a big improvement over the first one and Apple is probably already working on most of the improvements I’ve mentioned. The future for Apple TV looks very promising but the new Google TV will provide some very good competition.

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