10 Safari App Tips and Tricks for iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPad Pro 2

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// February 12, 2021

The Safari app offers more features that can speed up your browsing experience. With the improvement of the Apple’s iOS, you can use shortcuts on Safari, take advantage of security and speed, and arrange your tabs according to your preferences. You can also access and close open tabs across your iOS devices, giving you more power over your machines. 3D Touch also makes Safari easier to use as it brings up more options to make your search faster and better.

If you are using the Safari browser a lot, you would love to know and use the shortcuts as well as other useful tips that can take your browsing experience to the next level.

10 Safari App Tips and Tricks

To help you save more time, here are the best Safari app tips and tricks for iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPad Pro.

1. Use Quick Actions for More Options

One of the best Safari app tips and tricks is by using Quick Actions. When you use the 3D touch on the icon, it will bring up more options to open a new tab, show bookmarks, new private tab, or show reading list.

2. Easily Search for Tabs

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 10 allows users to open unlimited tabs. You can open as many tabs as you like. When you have so many tabs open, it is hard to search through them. Simply tap on the Tab Switcher button and it will show you a list of all your open tabs. Turn your iPhone or iPad landscape and you will see the Search bar.

3. Peek into Pages with 3D Touch

Another useful tip when using the Safari app is to peek into pages before opening them. You can do this by pressing harder on the link to display the popup view of the website. This allows you to preview the link first before opening it.

4. Use Desktop Site

If you are using an iPad Pro 2, you would love requesting for the desktop site. The websites for mobile versions have limited options and if you need to view more buttons and options, you can request desktop site from the Share menu.

5. Find Text in Open Page

Safari App Tips and Tricks

One of the best Safari app tips and tricks that many users are not aware about is its ability to use the Find feature (Ctrl + F in computer). If you need to look for something up in blocks of texts, simply tap on the URL bar and enter what you are looking for. Under Bookmarks and History, you will see an option On This Page and it will also show you the number of matches. Tap on it to find the texts.

6. Paste and Go

One of the real time saver Safari app tips and tricks is the Paste and Go or Paste and Search option. If you have a link or text in the clipboard and you want to open or search for it in Safari, simply tap and hold in the address bar. This will bring up the option Paste and Go.

7. Enable and Customize Reader Mode

Browsing and reading in the Safari app can be much easier by using the Reader Mode. When this feature is enabled, it eliminates the photos, ads, and formats the page like the iBook app. You can also tap on the Aa button to change the text size, font, and switch night mode.

8. Long Press Buttons

Pressing the buttons at the bottom toolbar for a longer time allows you to perform quick actions. Long pressing the Bookmark icon will bring up more options that allow you to add book mark, add to reading list, or add to shared links. Almost all the buttons available, except the Share button, have many options that you can use to save time.

9. Share Links Faster

If you need to share links with your family and friends, one of the best Safari app tips and tricks is by long pressing a link. This will show you more options and just tap on Share. This feature lets you share and save links faster without opening them.

10. Close Tab Remotely

If you are using many iOS devices, you will see that you can access all your tabs across your devices. You can also use the iCloud Tabs feature to close the tabs from another iOS device. In the tab switcher, simply look for the iCloud tabs and swipe left on the tabs to delete.

These are the best Safari app tips and tricks for iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPad Pro. Do you know other useful tips that we forgot to mention? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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