iPhone 7 No Sound Issues On App For iOS 10

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One way to receive notifications from your smartphone is through sounds. Without the sounds, it’s either the phone will vibrate to alert you from incoming notifications or there will be nothing at all. The higher the sound is, the more you can hear new notifications even if you are in the middle of a loud environment. Even if there are vibration alerts that you can use, it is also much better that you can actually hear the alerts so you would not have to check many times if your phone really vibrated or not.

If you are experiencing iPhone 7 no sound issue, it can be a bit of a problem especially when you are in a crowded area. How would you know if you are receiving calls, messages and alerts?

Ways to Fixing iPhone 7 No Sound on App

Here are some easy ways to fixing iPhone 7 having no sound like updating to iOS 10, getting the right settings and cleaning the charging port. At least one of these solutions should fix the sound problem for you.

#1 Checking Mute Switch on iPhone 7


You can see the mute switch on the left side of your device. Some people may accidentally turn it on which can lead to iPhone 7 no sound problem. Take a look at the mute switch first to check whether it is on or off. If the switch button shows an orange line, it means that the mute switch is on which leads to the conclusion that you have accidentally muted the sound on your iPhone 7. Simply turn it off by flicking the switch. Just make sure that the orange line is not visible.

#2 Check The Volume Setting

Even if your mute switch is off, the volume setting of your device could be on zero or low which leads to iPhone 7 no sound issue. You can increase the volume by pressing the volume buttons below the mute switch. You can also check the settings of your volume whether it is set on silent. Simply increase the volume until you are satisfied. However, if these solutions do not solve the problem, you can jump to the third solution.

#3 Turn Bluetooth Off/On in iPhone Setting


Is your Bluetooth on? Turning Bluetooth off is the solution for users who are using Bluetooth headset. If you did not use Bluetooth speaker or headset, you can just skip this solution. But if you did, go to Settings and tap Bluetooth. You can see all the devices that are connected to your iPhone 7 and remove them or you can just switch Bluetooth off.

#4 Do Not Disturb Feature Off

Do not disturb is a cool feature as it automatically mutes your phone on certain periods of time. This means that if your DND feature is on, you would not hear any sounds at all, even notifications. You will know that DND feature is on if there is a half-moon on top of your device.

You can turn off Do not disturb feature by swiping from the bottom of the screen to open control center. Tap the moon sign.

#5 iPhone 7 Reset Settings


If the solutions above did not work, you can simply reset your phone. Make sure that you backup your files first so you can restore them later. To Reset, go to Settings, tap General and scroll down to Reset. Tap Reset all Settings.

If iPhone 7 No Sound issue still exists, you can check some of the alternative solutions that may work:

  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Backup your phone and restore your device to original factory condition. Set it up as a new device.
  • Check if something is connected to audio port.
  • Try cleaning the audio port with a can of compressed air.

If the problem still remains, go to the nearest service center to have a check on your device.

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