Why My iPhone 6 Cannot Connect to iTunes

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// December 26, 2016
itunes wont connect to iphone

When you are connecting your iPad or iPhone to iTunes, you may encounter some errors whenever transferring old files to iPad, updating the firmware or when syncing. However, some users reported that they have encountered an error which says “iPhone cannot connect to iTunes” which is more troublesome making it unable to download apps.

This occurs when the cord is not strong enough to connect to iTunes. Sometimes it occurs because of outdated drivers. Whatever the reason is, there are many solutions to fixing this problem.

Solution 1: Use Different USB Cable


The error can happen because of damaged USB cable. If you have a bad cable, try getting a new one or different one. If it works, then you already figured out what the problem it and you can continue with your task.

Solution 2: Get the Latest Version of iTunes and iOS


Another thing that you should do is to get the latest version of iOS on your iPhone and iTunes on your computer. Some errors occur because of using outdated software.

To get the latest version of iTunes on your PC, simply click Check for Updates from Help Menu. To get the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, go to Settings, tap General and choose Software Update.

Solution 3: Use Different USB Port

If you already changed your USB cable and nothing happened, try to plug in on different USB port. Simply unplug it and plug it again. Hopefully, iTunes will recognize your device after doing this.

Solution 4: Clean Charge port

Your iPhone or iPad may charge which leads you to thinking that the charging port is clean. You may think that there is nothing wrong with it. However, even if your device is charging well, your device cannot connect to iTunes. This can happen when there is small debris inside your charge port and prevents your device to connect to iTunes. Since your device is exposed to almost everything, dust and other small things can slip inside and can cause errors when syncing data.

debris stuck inside charging port

Make sure to clean your device’s charge port from time to time to avoid errors like this. Try to use compressed air to eliminate dust or debris. You can also use cotton buds or something very thin but make sure to be very careful while doing this.

Solution 5: Disable Restrictions

Your iPhone could be connected to your PC already and detected by iTunes. However, you cannot sync your files. This can occur if restrictions are enabled. To disable it:

  • From home screen, go to Settings.
  • Choose
  • Tap Restrictions and tap Disable Restrictions.

Try to sync your data again and if it works, you can now continue syncing your files without any errors.

Solution 6: Reset Location and Privacy

When you are connecting your device to a computer, you need to agree to Trusted Device popup in order to connect. However, if you accidentally tap on Don’t Trust, iTunes would not be able to see your iPhone or iPad.

iTunes will ask you every time you connect your device to computer. However, if you have selected Don’t Trust, it would not allow iTunes to see your device. Good thing is that you can redeem the trust permission but it will require you to reset privacy settings as well as location.

Step 1: From home screen on your iPhone, open Settings app.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap Reset.

Step 4: Choose Reset Location & Privacy.

Step 5: Simply type your password when prompted.

Step 6: Tap Reset Settings to continue.

After resetting location and privacy, try to connect your device again to PC. Make sure to tap Trust on your iPhone or iPad in order to connect to iTunes.

Solution 7: Hard Reboot

Simply press and hold the Power button and Home button on your iPhone or iPad at the same time. Wait for the Apple logo to appear before you let go. After rebooting your iPhone, you can also reboot your computer as well. Try to connect your iPhone to iTunes again after rebooting. If the error still appears, jump to the next solution.

Solution 8: Delete Windows 7 file folders under :/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control

Other computers may detect your iPhone but your computer does not. Another solution is to delete the file folders under the path :/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control. After deleting, restart iTunes. You may now try to reconnect your iPhone to your PC.

You can also try to uninstall Apple-related software such as Apple Application Support, Bonjour, Apple Software Update, Quicktime, iTunes and others. Simply reinstall iTunes.

Some Solutions to Issues That Restrict iPhone Connection to iTunes

  • Make sure that the cable is plugged in completely to your computer and to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Restart your computer or Mac and try to reconnect.
  • Make sure that your computer is using a compatible operating system. For instance, windows version of iTunes needs Vista, Windows 7, XP with Service Pack 2 or later.
  • Restart your iPhone and try to connect again.
  • Make sure to get the latest version of iTunes. Not updating your iTunes can cause many problems.
  • Try to use different USB ports and see which one will be recognized by iTunes.
  • Try to use different cables and check which one will work.

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