What to do iPad Forgot Password to iCloud Fix

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// June 4, 2015
iPad Forgot Password to iCloud Fix

Usually there are 2 different scenarios that you will face if you need to recover the password for your iCloud. In one scenario, you will have to go through “2 step verification process” if you have enabled it. And, in the other scenario, you have to go through either email authentication recovery or security question recovery to retrieve the password. However, you can always double check your password for case sensitive issues. It often happens that you have typed one of the characters with upper case, which is not supposed to be.

If you are going through 2 step verification, then consider doing the followings:

iPad Forgot Password to iCloud Fix

  • The very first thing you need to make sure is you have your Apple ID password, access to one of your trusted devices and your recovery key.
  • Now visit (iforgot.apple.com) using Safari on your iPad and tap on “Enter your Apple ID”.
  • Enter your email and tap “Next”.
  • Enter recovery key.
  • Select the device that you want to use for verifying your identity.
  • Enter your verification code.
  • Enter your new password.
  • If you have followed above of them correctly, then you will shortly receive a confirmation to use your new password.

If you don’t remember Apple ID, or have forgotten recovery key, then you have no other option than going through email authentication and security question methods. For email authentication method, you can do the followings:

iPad Forgot Password to iCloud Fix

  • Select email authentication and click on “Next”. You will soon receive an email to your primary or rescue email address to reset the password.
  • If you have got the email then click the link in that email that will take you to the password reset page.
  • Simply from the password reset page, set a new password and then select reset password.
  • Hopefully, you can access your iCloud account with your new password from here on.

If you have faced any problem with email authentication or didn’t receive email at all, then you can go through security question method where you will be required to answer your security questions in order to reset your password. In order to reset your password, you can follow these steps:

iPad Forgot Password to iCloud Fix

  • Select “Answer security questions”.
  • Select your birth date.
  • Give answers to your security questions.
  • If the answers got accepted, then you can set a new password.
  • That’s it, you are done.

All the above options are easy to follow but the main issues are involved with remembering the credentials in each of the methods. So, it is always wise to save these credentials in a secured place so that you can always follow any of these methods without any hassle.
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