IPad Air 2 Freezing Issues and Solutions

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// February 12, 2021

Electronic devices have become an integral part of everyday life for many people. Experiencing the inevitable quirks of the devices has also become a fact of life in the digital age. Even products in the pricier end of the consumer device spectrum have occasional difficulties. The iPad Air 2 freezing issue is one such common problem. Facing an iPad Air 2 frozen screen is certainly frustrating, but it need not be a reason for panic. There are some steps to take to try to correct the problem before turning to a full restore of the device.

Soft Reset
The first thing to do when experiencing an iPad Air 2 freezing is to perform a soft reset. In many cases, this takes care of the problem, and the user can resume activities normally afterward. To do this, press the Home key and Power key at the same time, holding them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. The device will subsequently restart at that point.


Optimize Performance
Sometimes, the cause of an iPad Air 2 freezing is the need to optimize usage of the device. Closing apps that are not actively in use can free resources for the applications that are currently being used. Storage can also be a factor in device performance. If the device is full, the lack of internal memory can lead to performance degradation, including freezing.

Review Application Installations
A history of the applications installed recently can help to determine if a specific app is causing issues with freezing. In many cases of an application that causes issues, it is an app that is poorly designed or contains a bug that is the culprit. Start by taking a look at the recently installed apps, and then uninstall any that might be causing difficulties.

Upgrade to iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.1.2.
Some of the iPad Air freezing issues can be fixed by upgrading the device to iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.1.2. The upgrade to 8.1.1 corrects a number of minor bugs experienced in the previous version, while 8.1.2 expands on the fixes and offers minor improvements of some default apps. Users are urged to create backups before performing upgrades. The upgrade may be done via the Settings area of the device itself.

Full Restore
Sometimes, a full restore is required to fix persistent freezing issues. This is done by connecting to a computer with a USB cable and opening iTunes. To be certain critical data is preserved, users might want to create a backup at this stage. Users may also check for available upgrades while connected.

The exact fix for an iPad Air 2 frozen screen will ultimately depend on the cause plaguing the specific device. If the operating system running is the newest, the user will need to look to the applications installed and performance optimization to resolve the problem. Users currently using one of the older iOS versions should upgrade. Doing so will not only help to correct problems such as an iPad Air 2 frozen screen, but it will aid in keeping the device performing optimally overall.

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