IOS 8.1 Freezing? Get help here.

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// February 12, 2021

Any electronic product on the market is subject to an occasional glitch, and Apple mobile devices are not an exception. Problems now and then with iOS 8.1 freezing are currently common for many consumers. Steps to take when discovering iOS 8.1 frozen on a device are different from steps on other types of devices. Users will have specific sets of instructions, and they will depend on the nature of the issue and the version of iOS that is installed.


Timely Update to Latest iOS
If it has not yet been done, updating to the latest version of iOS 8 is the first step to take. Some of the initial bugs in the first iOS 8 release were corrected with the iOS 8.1.1 and iOS 8.1.2 updates. Waiting just a little while longer before applying subsequent releases might be helpful. It can be prudent for users to discover from other consumers if the newest release has bugs that would be difficult to tolerate. Users should not wait too long, however, as staying current helps to keep a system healthy and functioning as well as it can.

Reset All Settings
Occasionally, a particular setting or combination of settings can conspire to create glitches on a device, including iOS 8.1 freezing. Doing a reset of all settings can correct issues of this type. Before proceeding, though, it is important to have updated to the newest version of iOS 8. Older versions of the operating system have a bug that results in the loss of iWork documents in iCloud after completing a reset of all settings. Dealing with iOS 8.1 frozen is irritating, but losing documents can be devastating.

Safari Settings
Some issues with iOS 8.1 freezing are confined to Safari. In these cases, the user attempts to open a link in Safari, and the app freezes at that point. The first step to correct Safari freezing is to clear the browser history and cookies. Go to Settings, Safari, and Clear History and Website Data. Although it is a workaround and not a fix, some users also have luck avoiding freezing in Safari by turning off JavaScript until an iOS update corrects the issue.

Suspend Jailbreaks
Some users have discovered that finding iOS 8.1 frozen is more of an issue after attempting a jailbreak. Issues with the TaiG jailbreak tool in particular appear to be a common problem with iOS 8.0 through iOS 8.1.2. In the case of TaiG, the device often freezes at the 30% point of a jailbreak process. It might be helpful to suspend all jailbreaks until the issue causing freezes has been permanently rectified.

Backup Diligence
Finding iOS 8.1 frozen on a device can be annoying, but some of the steps for correcting the issue can help to minimize the frustration. The exact steps will depend on whether the device has been updated and whether the iOS 8.1 freezing issue is widespread or confined to Safari. No matter the solutions ultimately chosen, it is important to perform regular backups of the device and its data. That is the best way to ensure accessibility to everything vital after all fixes have been implemented.

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