How to Install MovieBox without a Jailbreak on iOS 8

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// September 19, 2015
How to Install MovieBox without a Jailbreak on iOS 8

Let’s imagine the long, boring rides to your work on a daily basis! Now, you are probably travelling on the train or in a cab with nothing to do, just look out the window staring at the buildings as they pass by, day in and day out? Missing your favorite shows on TV? Well do not frown, we got good news guys! Movies, TV shows, music videos and uninterrupted entertainment on the go. Yes, this is the dream folks. IT developers have made our life so much easier; it is hard to deny the fact. Easier and more fun!!

The apps which are a click away have rescued us of many hours of boredom…..or many hours that could otherwise be spent productive. But that is a whole different area and let’s not go there.

How to Install MovieBox without a Jailbreak on iOS 8

If you use an iPhone, then the Apple Store must be your favorite virtual place. You got it all there. Games, music, educational apps, social media apps that make staying in touch with all your loved ones easy. One app we all need to have on iPhones for 24/7 non-stop entertainment on the go is moviebox.

As you know, iPhone users are restricted to download all their favorite apps and games from the Apple Store. However, downloading moviebox on your iPhone is a bit of a pickle. You are restricted to download apps from the Apple Store alone and moviebox is not going to be so easy available.

But loopholes can be found easily to anyone who is looking for one. You can sort of hack your own device and remove the hardware restrictions on the Apple operating system. This is called jailbreaking. Wondering if this is legal? Well, it is partially illegal which makes it partially not right to do it.

Anyways, there’s a good news, you can download moviebox on your Apple device without jailbreaking. Here is a step by step guide of how to download moviebox without jailbreaking on iOS 9:

How to Install MovieBox without a Jailbreak on iOS 8

  1. Change the time and date settings by turning on ‘Set Automatically’. This can be found under the settings option.
  2. Set the date to 1st September 2014. We know it’s passed, do it nonetheless.
  3. Open this link in Safari
  4. Click on the install button to start the installation on moviebox. The button shall be green and it’s hard to miss.
  5. Once it is downloaded, run the application and accept the trust the developer notice.
  6. If you have successfully installed the app you are now free to go back to time and date settings and turn on ‘Set Automatically’.

Easy, wasn’t it? This should successfully do the task, and if you aren’t much of a techy and need further help you can always stream video tutorials on YouTube.  Go ahead, do not wait! This app is so much fun and a must-have for all iPhone users. Download today to get the full worth of your iPhone experience.

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