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// February 12, 2021

Many people are talking about the iPhone 6, Apple’s latest release to the mobile market. If you have not paid much attention to this phone, our iPhone 6 review will hopefully offer some insight into this newest generation of smart phones. One of the features that iPhone 6 users will notice immediately is that the latest version looks very familiar – it is similar in size to the competition.

In the past, Apple has stuck to the small screen sported by the earlier models, but has now catered to the consumers’ desire for bigger screens. The iPhone 6 is also thinner and sleeker looking that the thicker models released in recent years. The edges are both smooth and seamless, which contribute to the phone feeling like the glass, and aluminum and steel are melded together as one. The phone is available in gold, silver or space gray. This remake might bring some of the Android faithful to the iPhone 6 fold. The iPhone 6 still has the ease of one hand operation, which was the case with past models, and some of the buttons have been revamped for ease of operation.


A Review of iPhone 6 Features

The tech savvy will love the features of the iPhone 6. The phone boasts a display size/resolution of 1.344×750 IPS (326 ppi). The phone has 1 GB of RAM and 16GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, but no expandable storage, and the processor is a 1.39GHz Apple A8 (64-bit), which is faster than the old A7. The iPhone 6 has an iOS 8 operating system, and networking is accomplished through 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.0 Users who love capturing special moments will enjoy the HD, slow-motion and time-lapse video modes.

The iPhone 6 was Built for Speed

The iPhone is known for being fast, and the iPhone 6 does not disappoint in the speed arena. With more LTE bands than other smart phones, the connectivity is unparalleled and is even faster with WIFI.

iPhone 6 Complaints

When the honeymoon is over and the newness starts to wear off, there will be some complaints about any new technology. That has already begun for this latest generation of iPhones. One of the chief issues reported by some unhappy iPhone 6 users is that the phones bend when placed in pant pockets. The “bending” tendency of the iPhone has been traveling at the speed of light through social media, with many many customers posting photos of bent iPhones.

This warping phenomenon has been reported by the media and has earned the name “bendgate.” However, Apple assures customers that the bending is “extremely rare” and is not the norm for its phones. The company reports very few complaints about the bending, but judging by social media chatter and videos, there seem to be quite a few complaints about the unwanted “flexibility” shown by some of the newest iPhones. Most likely, the concern over the bending will subside as Apple looks at ways to address the issue.

The iPhone 6 can be purchased at Apple stores or online as well as through major wireless carriers. The base price starts around $199, depending on where you shop.

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