Features of iOS 11 – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

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// February 12, 2021

Features of iOS 11

Apple has revealed the newest operating system that is about to take over the world. If you are using an iPhone or iPad all these years, you would be surprise of the changes made in iOS 11. Did you ever feel the need to arrange the buttons available in the Control Center? With the latest iOS version, you can now customize and redesign Control Center according to your needs and preferences. That is just awesome! Without any further ado, here are some of the best features of iOS 11 that we have been all waiting for!

Features of iOS 11 – The World’s Most Advanced Mobile OS

The new operating system makes iPad more capable than ever and makes iPhone better than before. It opens up amazing possibilities for augmented reality in apps and games.

1. New App Store

Finally, Apple has improved the App Store. You will see a Today Section when you open the store so you can check what is new for that day. There are also new sections added for Apps and Games as well. This lets users find apps easier and allows creators include in-app purchases. Users can also see the star ratings and reviews clearly so you can download the best app available.

2. Redesigned Control Center

iOS 11 allows users to customize and redesign the Control Center, making your iOS device more personal. You can easily access all your most used apps by just swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Thanks to 3D touch, you can tap into icons to bring up more options and interactions.

3. Files App

You can find all your files in the new Files app. This allows users to easy organize, browse, and search all the files in one place. There is also a section for recent content. The files that can be stored here are not just the ones on your iPad, but also files on other iOS devices, in apps, in iCloud Drive, and other services like Dropbox and Box.

4. Screen Recording

One of the best features of iOS 11 is it finally allows users to record their screens without having to install a third-party app. Recording your screen had never been so easy! You can also include the Screen Recording app in the Control Center, making it easy for other users to create tutorials. The recorded files are saved automatically in the Photos app.

5. Camera and Photos

Apple has also changed the file types, allowing users to save more space. It also makes it cheaper and easier to share the files. Videos are also now stored as HEVC files and photos that were in JPEG are now saved as HEIF. Videos and photos are half the size but still providing the same quality.

6. HomeKit AirPlay 2 Upgrade

Users can now control their home audio system and speakers throughout their homes with the new AirPlay 2. You can now play a song in your kitchen and living room at the same time. Users can also adjust the volume in any room.

7. Safer and Smarter Maps

With safer and smarter apps, users can now zoom in on airport or shopping centers to see inside. You can also move about floors so you can estimate the time that you will need. Navigation also includes lane guidance and speed limits for easier and safer driving.

8. Peer-to-Peer Payment

One of the best features of iOS 11 is the peer-to-peer payment. This allows users to send money to their friends easily, helping you pay for drinks, split your bills, and more! It also works within the Messages app and you can request or send money.

9. Smarter Siri

Features of iOS 11

Siri has been improved and it can now learn more about you from the way you use your iOS device and habits. It can also do translation and provides voice translation support to English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Italian.

10. New Messages App

With its redesigned app drawer, it is easier to have all the fun. You can easily share emoji, stickers, and games by simply swiping across the app drawer. Messages can also be synced with iCloud so that you can see them across devices.

11. Lock screen and Notification Center

The notification center and lock screen are now combined in the latest operating system. The lock screen is more powerful and you can see all your notifications by simply pulling it down from the top of the screen.

12. Apple Music

Apple Music has a new social feature that lets you see what your friend are listening to. It also provides users an option to set their profiles as private. There is also “Shared up next” so you can play music to your party playlist.

13. Drag and Drop

This feature in the iOS 11 allows iPad users to multitask easily. You can now move photos, files, and text from one app to another. Simply touch and move anything anywhere on your iOS screen!

These are some of the best features of iOS 11. It is faster and smoother than the previous versions. With customizable notification center and elegant lock screen, you have much better control over your iPhone or iPad.

What do you think about the new iOS 11? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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