Fixing Enabling iMessage to be Able to Send Message on iPhone 6

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// January 31, 2016
Enabling iMessage to be Able to Send Message on iPhone 6

If your Apple device such as iPhone 6 has to be enabled to send and receive messages, here is the step by step description of how to set it up. To send the iMessage, there needs to be a link with the Apple ID across multiple devices. Those having troubles in activating iMessages or needing to know how to activate it can refer to the steps below to ensure no sms error.

Step 1: Come Up with an Apple ID

You need to set up an Apple ID to use the iMessage. Apple IDs can be created for using iMessage when one first steps up an iDevice or uses an Apple website.
iMessage uses Apple ID for connecting and this needs to be linked with the iMessage for it to work. This can be accomplished from Settings app located on the Home Screen.

Step 2: Start the Messages Menu

Go through the options till you reach the messages menu and tap to open this.
This will enable you to select which address one wants to receive on iMessages. One can tap your Apple ID for iMessages.

Enabling iMessage to be Able to Send Message on iPhone 6 1

Step 3: Toggling iMessage on

Within the Messages menu, you need to create a slider for the toggling of the iMessage. This is green for iOS 7 and blue for iOS 6. iMessage takes up to a day to activate as Apple needs to verify the match between phone number and Apple ID. Activation usually occurs within the span of one hour.

Step 4: Ensure Assignment of Correct Phone Number

In case the iPhone app does not have a correct number listed with it, iMessage will never be activated. One can open the Phone app and study the Contacts List and number should be listed atop. In case the phone number is not correctly listed, you need to open the Settings app and tap your iPhone and then My Number. Then you need to enter your device’s phone number. Toggle iMessage on and off overtime after the correction to the phone number is made.

Step 5: Check the Apple ID

Once you have reached the Apple ID settings, log in and review the information especially the email address as well as phone number. Ensure the phone number is correctly listed.

Step 6: Check Time and Date Settings

iMessage activation will not work if the iDevice does not have a correct date or time setting. You can open the settings app and tap General to finally access Date and Time. Set it automatically and toggle the iMessage off and on after this.

Enabling iMessage to be Able to Send Message on iPhone 6

Step 7: Freeing up iMessage Storage

Deleting up iMessage caches will free up alot of the space. But if you want a full detail guide on backing up Imessage storage you will need paid or free trail software.

Step 8: Catch up on Your Service and update to Latest iOS 9.3

Valid SMS plan is needed with the carrier to activate the iMessage and there also needs to be a cellular data plan. Opt for toggling the network connections off and on them to reset completely. One can completely reset network settings and toggle iMessage on and off after connections have been reset.

Step 9: Restore and Backup the iDevice

To get the iMessage activated, one has to restore the device and this needs a larger time investment. You can also backup and restore your iPhone 6.

iMessage can be activated and enabled to ensure messages get activated on iPhone 6. This Apple device is the latest in a long line of innovations to offer iMessages and ensure that there is ease in receiving and sending messages, no matter how detailed the information being shared.

Also Make sure the iMeesage box is not grayed, if it is. You wouldn’t be able to send message out to other people.

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