Disposable Spam Accounts?

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// February 12, 2021

If you are like me then you have multiple email accounts and at least one of those you never look at because you only use it for junk. I refer to it as my spam account. This is the email I use I need to sign into a website or need to fill out a form just to look at things. This account has no purpose except to take the emails I want nothing to do with.

Apple might have found a way to eliminate the need for this account, they have a new patent on something referred to as a Disposable email address generator. This would allow you to keep your primary email, but have a secondary email address that was linked to it.

Per AppleInsider the patent says “With the increased usage and importance of email also came, unfortunately, misuse of email addresses to send undesirable commercial email in bulk, the ‘junk mail’ of the electronic world, often referred to as ‘spam.’ Some reports have claimed that spam email accounts for 90% of all email, with trillions of spam emails being sent. Numerous approaches to stopping spam email from reaching the inbox of consumers have been tried, with varying degrees of success. But spam continues to be a problem for many people.”

Once nice feature about these disposable accounts is that they would be able to track the origin of the message, is that they are exactly what they say they are, disposable. You can easily delete the account or set it to automatically expire after a certain time frame, this eliminates you getting excess spam email from things you were forced to sign up to.

Apparently all of the emails in the disposable account will still appear in your standard account, however the sender will never know what your real email address is. I am assuming that the disposable account would act similar to a spam folder and keep everything separated from your legitimate email., This would certainly eliminate the need to remember multiple account passwords.


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