Apps for Apple TV or just an iTunes mistake?

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// February 12, 2021

Almost everyone with an Apple TV has thought at some point it would be nice to have more apps for the device. It’s almost certain to happen at some point in the near future and today we have a small glimpse of apps on Apple TV.

If you go to movies on your Apple TV, then select Genres-> Classics-> Holiday Music, Movies and More, you will notice some new banners promoting apps and games.

The banners are titled “SnowSports Apps & Games”, “Holiday Cooking Apps”, “Apps for Shopping” and “Deep Games for Holiday Downtime”. The banners do not actually lead to any apps. They just go to an empty screen like the one below.

While Apple TV apps is something that may happen in the near future, the banners found on Apple TV today may not have anything to do with their efforts for an Apple TV App Store. They were probably just put in the wrong place and accidentally show up on Apple TV.

It was also revealed recently that Bluetooth will be added to Apple TV with the next software update and Tim Cook continues to state that Apple TV is “an area of intense interest”.

Did you ever notice that the design of Apple TV looks like an app icon?

I expect that Apple TV App Store has been planned for a while, but was put on the back burner to concentrate on more important Apple devices. Now may be the right time for Apple to focus more attention on their little hobby. Next year should bring significant improvements to Apple TV.

Originally posted 2012-12-10 23:24:40.

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