Apple Music Tips and Tricks for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and iPad Pro 2

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// February 12, 2021

The Music App has been improved significantly over the years. iOS device users and Music subscribers are enjoying the new look and features added like For You section, making the app easier to navigate. Discovering new music is also just a snap! With the inclusion of radio stations, lyrics, suggestions and new design, there are possibilities that the Music app has hidden features can take your music experience to the next level.

To make the most of your iPhone 7, 7 plus and iPad Pro, here are the Apple Music tips and tricks that you must know.

10 Apple Music Tips and Tricks

Check out our Apple Music tips and tricks to discover the hidden features.

1. Play Music with Siri

Apple Music Tips and Tricks

Apple has made a lot of improvements in iOS 10 that Siri became more powerful. This personal assistant also makes playing music easier. All you have to do is to tell Siri to play your music. You can say “Hey Siri, play my bedtime playlist” or “Hey Siri, play more like this one.” You can also ask Siri to play songs from a certain year and she will know exactly what to do. There is no need for users to open the Music app as Siri can already do the trick!

2. Share a Song

Are you listening to your favorite tracks and you want to share them with your family members or friends? As long as you are running iOS 10 version, you can easily share a song. Simply open the Messages app and select Music from the app drawer. It will display the recently played songs and you can send the link without leaving the Messages app.

3. Listen over Cellular

If you enjoy music streaming but there are times that Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can use your cellular data. Simply open the Settings app, tap on Music, and toggle on the switch next to Use Cellular Data. If there is nothing to worry about your data consumption, you can also turn on High Quality Streaming option.

4. Beats 1 Playlists On-Demand

Beats 1 is only live two to three times a day. If you keep on missing the great parts or the latest episode of Beats 1, you can easily catch by streaming their shows on-demand. Simply tap on Radio and select View All Beats 1 Shows. From here, you can browse for all shows and you can stream the episode that you missed.

5. Use a Song as Alarm

One of the best Apple Music tips and tricks is that you can choose your songs as your alarm. You can now wake up listening to your favorite track instead of the standard ringtone selection. Simply open the Clock app and tap on Alarm. Edit an existing alarm and you will see an option to pick a song from the Apple Music catalog.

6. 3D Touch on a Song

The new Music app is neat and very easy to use. You would not see a lot of options or buttons on your screen. This means that some options are behind swipes or hiding. One of the best ways to open contextual options for a track, album, or playlist, is by using the 3D Touch. For example, using the 3D Touch on a particular song lets you see additional options to view the lyrics, add it to the queue, share song, and more.

7. Use Photos to Personalize Playlists

One of the cool Apple Music tips and tricks that we would like to share is that you can make album covers with photos. This allows you to easily distinguish albums from your other albums. Simply go to Library, tap on Playlists and select New Playlist. From here, tap the Camera button on the top left corner.

8. Arrange the Queue

Because there is no page for Up Next, you can easily arrange the queue by going to the Now Play Screen. Simply swipe up to go to the Up Next section. From here, you can rearrange the songs by tapping on the handle bar which looks like three horizontal lines. You can also swipe left to remove a song.

9. Pick New Favorites

You can always improve the recommended music in the For You tab. Tap on the For You tab, open your account page by tapping on your photo, and tap Choose Artists. Simply tap once to like an artist and genre. Tap again to really like it.

10. Music in Loud Spaces

If you want to listen in peace even in loud spaces, one of the Apple Music tips and tricks is the Late Night option. This setting will compress the dynamic range of audio output. Simply open the Settings app, select Music, tap on Playback and tap EQ. Choose the Late Night option.

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