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// February 12, 2021
Little Things Forever Platapus

There’s no shortage of iPad games available in the App Store and sometimes it can be difficult to weed out those that are worth authentically worth playing both for achievement and enjoyment and those that are simply just a waste of time and valuable iPad space. Having said that, a round of applause is in order for Big Fish Games.

I’m happy to say that Little Things certainly falls in the former category. It’s very rare that I encounter a game that manages to successfully engage almost all of my senses simultaneously. From the tantalizing background music and sound effects to the gorgeous graphics where it’s plain to see that time and effort were heavily invested in order to make them a wonder to behold, it’s difficult to pinpoint anything that’s not to love about the game.

little things forever jigsaw puzzle unsolved

But perhaps best of all, the game goes far beyond appearances and superficial impressions. In Little Things Forever, you the player are offered countless opportunities to exercise your brain and challenge your skills as you attempt to solve puzzle after puzzle while increasing in your score and level as levels are unlocked with each puzzle that you are able to solve successfully.

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Whether you are on a serious mission to finish the game or you’re simply looking to pass some time, there’s endless fun to be had as you start your search for “little things” amidst the gorgeous artwork they hide within. If you have difficulty locating them, you are provided with the option to zoom in and have a closer look.  All in all things Little Things Forever doesn’t disappoint in any way and I guarantee that whatever age you are, playing it will truly be an unforgettable and highly enjoyable experience for you. Don’t forget to turn the volume up!

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