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// February 12, 2021
flow level 29 7x7

Some iPad games just never get old. FLOW is certainly one of those games that can be described as such. Coincidentally, developers Big Duck Games LLC just released an update today (November 21st) that makes the game even better than it already is. The version 1.8 update offers new free and paid level packs as well as new flow colour themes so boards can be customized according to your liking. Themes include neon, pastel, fall, winter and holiday. Level progress can also now be synced via iCloud.

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With the official description as “a simple yet addictive puzzle game”, FLOW doesn’t disappoint in the least. Essentially, the puzzle game requires the player to match two sides of the same colour pipe together so that a “flow” is thereby established. Note that the entire board needs to be covered in order for you to gain access to the succeeding level.

flow level 29 7x7

Sounds easy, right? In the beginning this may ring true but as you progress through the levels, not so much anymore. And this is truly where the beauty of the game lies. It is very entertaining, enjoyable and simple, but not too simple that the player begins to grow bored. In fact, the opposite is true as the challenge begins to increase in difficulty with each level. If ‘free play’ is starting to seem dull to you, you can up the challenge by choosing “Time Trial” mode and aim to beat the clock.

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FLOW includes over 1,000 free levels and 10 board sizes. Sound and touch interaction are definitely two of my favourite features of FLOW as there’s no way to describe it but smooth, pleasant and highly addictive. Highly recommended!

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