Top 10 Best iPad Games of 2013

Best iPad Games
// February 12, 2021
best ipad games

The year is coming to a close, but just before we say goodbye to 2013 and all that it brought with it, let’s take a look at some of the most engaging, relaxing, entertaining, riveting, impressive and awe-inspiring iPad games of 2013. See our list below of 10 Best iPad Games of 2013.

  1. Temple Run 2 (Action). If you’ve ever played the original Temple Run, then you would understand what all the fuss is about. The arrival of Temple Run 2 was highly anticipated by millions around the globe as its predecessor captured the hearts of many. The sequel did not disappoint in its improved graphics, sound effects, and depth in game play. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 temple run 2
  2. Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Strategy). You’ve probably been living under a rock if you’ve never played the original PVZ. The creators of the game have really stepped up the excitement in the follow-up as there are now myriad more levels, zombies to fend off, and plants to wield.This is one of our all time favourites and you can see a full review here.  Be sure to check it out before the year ends. Brains… 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 plants vs zombies 2
  3. Angry Birds Go! (Racing/Sport). What is the difference between the regular version of Angry Birds and this one, you ask? A whole lot. There’s not much you can’t do with Angry Birds Go! and that includes a world of fun for days and then some. This carting game is quite impressive what with its smooth interface, easy manoeuvring, and inclusion of familiar characters that feel like reuniting with old friends. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 angry birds go
  4. Cut the Rope 2 (Puzzle). While this isn’t the first sequel of Cut the Rope to come along, this one has a special feel to it and as such it deserves proper recognition. Here we have 120 levels of nonstop action as you slash rope after rope after rope and try to fatten up Om Nom the monster and satisfy his sweet tooth. Cut the Rope 2 also introduces several new elements to the game to keep it progressive. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 cut the rope 2
  5. Blackbar (Strategy). If you’re a fan of games that will keep you guessing for days, Blackbar is it. Sharp, strategic and at times downright frustrating, it’s no wonder this game made a serious splash this year. Here, censorship is the name of the game and your primary task is to solve the puzzles by guessing what words lie beneath the black marks. Without a doubt, this game will stay with you long after you’ve put down your iPad. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 blackbar
  6. FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS (Racing/Sport). Every soccer fan (or not) who owns an iPad probably went crazy this year over the iOS version of FIFA 14. Released free for all with in-app purchases made available, the game became far more accessible to fans this year. Fast action, dozens of licensed players, and intuitive touch screen controls abound in FIFA 14. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 fifa 14
  7. Tiny Games (Action). It would be a serious challenge to think of a game released this year that tops Tiny Games in terms of ingenuity. It’s absolutely brilliant in that regardless of whether you’re in the company of three or ten, Tiny Games, based on your location will find something for you and your companions to do that will surely keep everyone entertained. Tiny Games also utilizes the objects that are available to you at that moment. Here’s one way you can wield your iPad in social interactions without appearing rude or anti-social. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 tiny games
  8. Dots: A Game about Connecting (Puzzle). Any self-respecting iPad game aficionado can attest to the addictiveness of Dots. There’s something about its simplistic nature that just hooks you in from the get-go. Essentially, the goal is to connect all the dots of the same colour within a 60 second time frame. You can opt to sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can compare scores with your friends. There is also an untimed mode available if you need to hone your skills. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 dots
  9. Call of Duty Strike Team (Action). The iOS release of Call of Duty was long awaited by millions of fans around the globe and the result wasn’t disappointing. Most of the game was quite similar to the original version of the game, but the iOS version incorporates several twists that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. For instance, one can now choose between experiencing the action of the game first hand or going with a third person view. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 call of duty strike team
  10. QuizUp: The Biggest Trivia Game In The World! (Strategy). The creators of this game aimed to be “the largest real-time trivia game ever” and they succeeded. In QuizUp, there are over 150,000 questions to go through in various categories and you can even see how you match up against players from all around the globe. Whether you are playing it by yourself or are looking to double the fun at a party with friends, QuizUp is sure to get the job done. 10 Best iPad Games of 2013 quizup

This is our list of 10 Best iPad Games of 2013. Have we missed out on any of your favourite games? Let us know what they are bellow!

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Best iPad Games

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