Yahoo launches Livestand and IntoNow for iPad

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// February 12, 2021

Yahoo has launched two Free iPad apps this week. One is a magazine style news app called Livestand that aims to compete with such apps as Flipboard and Pulse. The second app is called IntoNow, which is a social application designed to be a companion for your television.

These apps demonstrate that Yahoo is serious about innovation in the tablet market. Both apps are available for iPads now and will soon be available for Android tablets as well.

Google is also rumored to be working on a digital newsstand app dubbed “Google Propeller” that will make its way to tablets in the near future.

Livestand for iPad

Livestand is a personalized living magazine app that allows users to pick content from third-party publishers and Yahoo’s global media network. The app has a visually appealing and highly-customizable interface that brings very specific news to people tailored for their specific interests and passions.

One of Livestand’s features is the inclusion of Yahoo’s technology for customizing content to an individual. This technology, called CORE (also used on the homepage) is constantly running to deliver a personalized experience based on the user’s habits. Into cooking? You’ll get more cooking videos. If you play fantasy football, you’ll see more NFL stories.

Get Livestand for Free at the App Store.

IntoNow for iPad

IntoNow is a social TV app which Yahoo acquired earlier this year for $20 to $30 million, and is now available on the iPad as a native app.

The IntoNow app is a new service that allows you to tell your friends what television shows and movies you’re watching in realtime. It has a method of identifying TV shows and movies similar to SoundHound. The app listens to what is playing on your TV and identifies it within 10-15 seconds, then you can share what you are watching on Facebook and Twitter.

The app is also ideal to have when watching sports. For example, you can use the app when watching a football game to immediately see the score, stats, news and Tweets about the game. This app shows how tablets can be a useful device to have while watching television.

Get IntoNow for Free at the App Store.

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