WiFi Sync is Available For iPad and Windows

Best iPad Apps
// May 30, 2010

The developer for the Wi-Fi Sync app has released a Windows version and it’s compatible with the iPad.

The app comes in two parts, one you download for free on your Mac or PC. The other part requires a jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and cost $9.99. Once both are installed and both devices are on you get a pop up asking to pair the devices. After they are paired the wireless syncing begins. The app allows you to sync everything in iTunes just as if you had it plugged in.

The Wi-Fi Sync app works great and it’s a nice feature to have but the price is a little high, I would like to see the developer cut the price in half.

For those of you who have jailbroken their device or who are going to jailbreak, let me suggest the best repo I have found “xSellize”. XSellize allows you to get several expensive apps for free.

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