Use AirPlay in Safari and Other Apps With AirVideo Enabler

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// November 28, 2010

Thanks to a tweak available for free in Cydia, we can now stream just about any video playable on an iOS device to Apple TV.

The hack is called AirVideoEnabler and it adds AirPlay to videos in Safari and other 3rd party apps. I tested this on several sites and it worked every time I used it. The videos took about 10 seconds to start on playing on Apple TV, after Apple TV was selected.

Once the videos started streaming they played without any interruption. Since the iPad now has multitasking, I could use other apps on the iPad while streaming video to Apple TV.

Of course, the quality of the video is going to depend on the video you are streaming. I was able to find some HD videos and they played in near high definition quality.

This tweak is ideal for If you haven’t visited, you should. The website looks and functions just like an app on the iPad or iPhone.

Here is a video on Myspace streaming to Apple TV while in Safari.

To get the AirVideoEnabler on your jailbroken iPad or iPhone;

  1. Open Cydia, tap on Sources, tap on the Edit button and then tap Add.
  2. Now type this address in the sources
  3. Tap on Add source and wait for it to update.
  4. Now search for AirVideoEnabler and install it.

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