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// February 12, 2021
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sharefile logoIn today’s age, with so much personal and sensitive information constantly uploaded and exchanged online, the need for digital security on mobile devices is paramount. For this reason, more and more personal users and businesses making use of iPads  are beginning to implement file sharing and cloud storage methods with enhanced security features.

One such service that’s becoming more and more useful for tablet users with security concerns is Sharefile, an advanced file sharing and cloud storage provider geared specifically toward businesses. While there are dozens of viable cloud networks out there for you to consider, Sharefile is worth noting for its continued devotion to top tier security, which given the aforementioned concerns is a significant advantage. Here are a few specific security features included on the Sharefile program and app.

    • Datacenter Security – Sharefile’s “farm” of data centers is protected by the highest standards of security, meaning that the servers handling your communications and storage are always well protected. Specifically, the data centers are SSAE 16 audited, and security is constantly updated when necessary.
    • Passwords, Encryption & Control – Each user in a Sharefile account is given his or her own password, and the administrator in charge has full control over file sharing and viewing. Every communication is encrypted, and the admin can decide who in the network sees which communications, and who has access to which folders.Sharefile account screenshot
    • Poison Pill – A new feature on the app, the “poison pill” allows you to set life limits on files. Basically, this means that if you want a file to wipe itself and disintegrate after a given number of days, you can arrange for it to do so, allowing for full control over file viewing security. Think of it like a self-destructing message in a spy movie.
    • Remote Wipe – By now you’re probably familiar with “remote wipe” features for mobile devices, such as that included in the Find My iPhone app. Well, the same concept is now included in the Sharefile app, allowing users to remotely wipe their folders on lost or stolen devices.

Ultimately, the need for mobile security will never be totally satisfied. As we depend more and more on computers, tablets and mobile phones, there will always be new security risks. But controlling communications to this extent is a great step toward complete control over your sensitive data.

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