The Weather Channel completely revamps iPad app

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// February 12, 2021

The Weather Channel has completely redesigned their app for the iPad. The app is now more interactive and is much more visually appealing. The home screen now has weather-triggered background images that match your local weather conditions (iPad 2).

There’s a new interactive 3D spinning globe with the world’s wether that will allow users to zoom in and view the radar for their current location. The app also includes a news coverage section, social integration with Twitter and Facebook and HD quality videos.

Weather Channel 3.0 is compatible with iOS 5, so you can be notified about severe weather in the notification center. This update is a good example of developers continuing to raise the bar with apps on the iPad.

New 3.0 Features

• Gorgeous animated weather backgrounds for your local conditions (iPad 2 devices)
• Beautiful HD weather photo backgrounds
• Interactive spinning globe with the world’s weather
• Full screen, customizable weather maps
• Latest news coverage, expert tweets, and user photos
• iOS 5 compatible

Get The Weather Channel app for free at the App Store.

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