Ten of the Best Video Apps for the iPad

Best iPad Apps
// February 12, 2021

The iPad’s large screen makes it ideal for watching videos and there are some great apps designed for doing just that. Here are ten of the best apps I’ve found for watching videos on the iPad. All of them are free to install but Netflix will require a membership and Hulu has a monthly fee.


This one is a given. I’m sure everyone is familiar with YouTube. The YouTube app looks and functions great on the iPad.


With the Joost app you can watch the latest celebrity news and gossip, music videos, action sports, comedy and web originals. There are thousands of videos, all in decent quality.

ABC Player

The video quality with this app is outstanding.
It is limited to ABC show and there are few commercials but it’s still a great app for watching videos.

Yahoo Entertainment

This app has sports, news, finance, business, entertainment and weather videos designed for the iPad. It also includes a TV guide and news pages, in a interactive interface on the iPad.

Air Video

This app allows you to stream your video library to your iPad or iPhone. Just install the Air Video app on your iPad, then download the free software for your computer and you can stream your own videos to your device anywhere you go (even 3G). Air Video works with AVI, DivX, MKV and other videos.


The Netflix app will let you stream a wide variety of TV shows & movies. The only catch is it requires a Netflx membership but if you are already a Netflix member, this app is a great bonus.


Dejaplay will collect all your videos from facebook and twitter accounts for easy viewing on your iPad. Once you log in to your account, the app automatically starts collecting all your social videos.


Howcast has some great video tutorials delivered with a stylish interface. The app makes it easy to search, browse and view previous watched videos.

BBC News

This app has the latest news from the BBC global network. You can read news stories or watch videos. News stories can be browsed by geographical regions or categories.

Hulu Plus

You can great a free sample of Hulu but to get the full thing it will cost $9.99 a month. That buys your the right to watch every episode aired from the current season of top shows from ABC, NBC and FOX in HD. The service is pricey but there may be some dedicated fans willing to pay.

Let us know of any we missed by leaving comments.

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Best iPad Apps

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