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// February 12, 2021

After trying dozens of apps for watching online videos the Squrl app for iPad is simply the best. There is a few reasons why I’m so impressed with this app. First, is the amount of video content that is available with the Squrl app. Squrl supports videos from Youtube, Hulu, CNN, ESPN, NASA, CNBC, The NY Times, Devour, Reddit, TMZ, TED, Tech Crunch, Vimeo, Pitchfork, Food Network, Funny or Die, IGN and many more.

iPad users know how frustrating it can be to find a video online and not be able to watch it because it requires the flash plugin. All of the videos you find in the Squrl app are compatible with your iPad and other iOS devices.

Squrl integrates with Facebook and Twitter so you can watch videos posted to your social network by people you follow. You can also sign in to services like Netflix and Youtube to import channels from your existing accounts.

You can add channels from many different topics of interest including; Technology, News, Business, Comedy, Sports, Gaming, Music and many more. After you select a topic there are many channels to choose from that come from a variety of sources.

The app has a “Fresh” section that gathers the latest videos from your channel and a “What’s Hot” section let’s you see what’s trending over all of Squrl’s channels.

The interface for Squrl is gesture based meaning you can open and close navigation panels with a natural swiping motions. You can also open video to full screen and close video players with a simple pinching motion.


Squrl gathers videos from many sources that work well on your iPad. The app integrates with existing social networks and takes advantage of touch based gestures that creates a true tablet experience.

Get this free universal app (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) at the App Store.

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