Skyfire is Now Available for the iPhone

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// February 12, 2021

The Skyfire app that converts flash videos into HTML5 is now available at the App Store for $2.99. Currently, only the iPhone version is available but the developer is planning on releasing a iPad version.

The Skyfire iPhone app will work on the iPad but users will need to use the double pixel method, which is not ideal.

The app plays most flash videos but not all videos will work in the Skyfire browser. The developer claims over 100,000 web sites are supported, with more added every day.

The videos do take about 15-25 seconds to load and Skyfire will not work with non- video content but its still a long awaited option for viewing flash videos on iOS devices.

Skyfire is now the best option for viewing flash videos on the iPhone and that will probably apply for the iPad, when a iPad version is released.

I look forward to seeing updates for this app and other similar apps being approved by Apple.


The launch of the Skyfire app was so successful that it is sold out. The app has been pulled by the vendor so they can increase server capacity.

The app sold out in only five hours but will make a reappearance in the App Store soon.

The Skyfire app is now back on iTunes. It’s still at the $2.99 price, clicking on the logo or highlighted text will take you to the  Skyfire iTunes page.

Here is the press release from Skyfire.

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