Over 15 billion iOS apps downloaded

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// February 12, 2021

Apple announced today 15 billion apps have been downloaded in the three years the iTunes store has been open. Apple just reported hitting the 14 billion app milestone early last month at WWDC. That indicates that roughly a billion iOS apps was downloaded in the last month.

Apple has over 200 million iOS users, that means the average user has downloaded 75 apps to get that total.

The App Store now contains a total of 425,000 apps, over 100,000 of the apps are optimized for iPad.

The App Store has achieved unprecedented success, in both developer support and user demand. Apple’s closest competitor to the App Store is Google’s Android Market. As of May 2011, the Android Market has 200,00 applications, with a just over 200 being optimized for tablets and 3 billion downloads.

This certainly creates a problem for the competition and it’s why many choose to use the Android OS for their phones and tablets. The HP TouchPad and BlackBerry Playbook are exceptions but they currently only have a few hundred apps optimized for their tablets.

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