Over 100,000 iPad apps available

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// February 12, 2021

As of today, there are over 101,000 apps designed specially for the iPad. That number is not counting the 475,000 iPhone apps that will also run on the device.

It’s taken developers less than 16 months to reach the six figure milestone. The iPad went on sale on April of 2010 with just 3000 apps.

By comparison, the HP TouchPad was launched today with around 300 dedicated applications. As of June 2, Android has 242 apps designed for tablets with another 200,00 that will run on Android tablets as well.

Applications that are not designed for a tablet do not create the same type of user experience as with ones that are optimized for the device. The number and the quality of apps designed for the iPad is one of the main reasons for it’s success.

Even though Apple has a head start over the other tablet manufactures it’s obvious which tablet most developers are supporting. Google, HP and other competitors will need to find ways to entice more developers building apps for their platform.

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