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// February 12, 2021

For those who like to have lots of information in one place, the iDashboard app may be for you.

iDashboard is a new iPad app that has a variety of windows showing different types of information that has a similar concept as Dashboard for Mac.

The customizable app allows you to check your Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with RSS feeds from USA Today, The NYTimes, ESPN and many blogs sites including iPadHelp/ The app also features an appointment planner with built-in alarm clock, a weather application and a music player.

iDashboard allows you to quickly view and monitor popular websites and social networks through a single interface. No more flipping between apps to get the information you need – keep an eye on your calendar, listen to your favorite playlist, and watch breaking news and sports, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all without ever leaving the app. Your iDashboard is completely customizable for your social profiles, favorite blogs, family photos and more.

The iDashboard app is now available at the App Store for $1.99. However, as of right now the developer is having some issues with the App Store link but the problem should be resolved shortly.


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Best iPad Apps

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