OnLive Makes An iPad And Other Tablets Into Gaming Screens

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// February 12, 2021

The many gamers that own iPads are really going to like this. This is probably the first company to give streaming gaming to the mobile world. OnLive works with a controller similar to a PS2 or PS3 controller and has apps out that make it work just like a regular video game. Read more on this great gaming development.

Spy On Game Players

OnLive is a way to get major games on an iPad or android tablet. Unlike a Nintendo or Playstation, the software for the actual games are located on the web. With a fast enough internet connection, the games are played with a controller that some say is one of the best feeling game controllers they have used. One of the features of the OnLive app is to watch other people playing. It is possible to spy on others that are playing the thousands of video games of the world. But that is not the best feature.

Rent Or Buy Games with Onlive

The OnLive app is something that you can try video games before you buy them. If one game has been interesting you, and you have an iPad to play it on, it is possible to rent games for six dollars ($5.99). To rent one for five days is nine dollars ($8.99). It will also be possible to buy games and play them for as long as you want.

Take Your Games With You

Another good feature of the OnLive app and controller is you can take this anywhere there is a television or your iPad. The user is not limited to mobile tablets. There is no process of downloading a game. This is done as a streaming gaming event, just like streaming video. That means the potential to have your games all over the world, wherever you travel, will only be limited by the speed of the ISP.

The Controller Weighs Less Than A Smartphone

The controller is the only physical part of the OnLive experience. It connects to the iPad or other tablets with bluetooth. It weighs 10.4 ounces, less than some smartphones. The cost of the controller is $50 to $100 dollars. The size of the download for the iPad is 3.2 megabytes, smaller than some regular downloadable games.

This Can Put Video Game Stores To Rest

As OnLive is quick to point out, nothing like this has existed before. It has the potential to put brick and mortar video game stores out of business if it gets popular. One thing that a traditional video game store can not do is show you video game players in real time across the world. OnLive does that by default. The app is free and for now is relegated to just watching instead of playing games for iPad users. Playing is of course coming soon.

Get the OnLive app for Free at the App Store.

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