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// February 12, 2021

NBC for iPad

Late last week, NBC updated its iPad application to allow users to watch full-length episodes. The NBC app is well designed and has limited commercials.

Some of the full-length episodes include; Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, America’s Got Talent, Days of Lives, Friends with Benefits, Minute to Win it and more.

The NBC app also has video highlights, photo galleries, interactive games, trivia and a customizable dashboard.

The app does’t support AirPlay yet, but with an iPad 2 (with iOS 5), the shows can be mirrored to an Apple TV. This will allow users to watch full-length episodes on a big screen TV.

Here’s a photo of the NBC app mirroring to a TV, the video quality and streaming are pretty decent.

Whether you are watching the shows on your iPad or HDTV, the app provides an excellent way to catch up on NBC shows you missed.


TBS and TNT just released apps a few days ago and they also offer users full-length episodes for free. They do require you to log in with your cable subscriber before watching any of the episodes. The cable subscribers supported by the apps include; Comcast, Cox, Dish Network, Direct TV, Verizon, Sudden Link, AT&T and Optimum. If you do not have one of those cable providers, then you won’t be able to watch episodes with either app.

I had no problem logging in and viewing episodes but if you don’t know your username and password for your cable service provider, you may run into a little aggravation logging in.

TBS and TNT are both owned by Turner Broadcasting System and both apps are very similar. They were even released on the same day. They do seem to have a few more bugs then the NBC app, but if some of your favorite shows are on TBS or TNT then you should give them a try. They are both free.

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