10 Very Cool iPad Web Apps

Best iPad Apps
// January 30, 2011

Here are some pretty amazing iPad web apps.

What are web apps? You might ask.

Web apps are applications that run within your browser. Since there are no files to download they bypass the App Store altogether and they are free.

These web app are a great display of what can be achieved with HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

Most of them will only work on your iPad but a few will work on your desktop browser also. Be sure to view this page on your iPad and if you find a web app that you like, you can bookmark the web app or this page on your iPad.


Here is a scientific calculator that works in your iPads web browser. The calculator’s size can be adjusted by pinching in and out.

Click here or the photo to try.

Blackjack Web App

This app looks and functions like an app from the App Store. The goal is 21, the rest pretty much self-explanatory.

This one will also work on your desktop browser.

Click here or the photo to play.

iPad Chalk

37signals has figured out how to turn your iPad into a chalkboard from Safari.

The web app allows you to sketch using white and red colors, erase, turn off the lights to focus on what you’re sketching and saving the result to your image library.

Click here or the photo to try.

Color Mail

This web application helps you to create a color styled email template and then you can use it directly in your iOS Mail app to send colorful emails.

If the templates do not load, tap the refresh button.

Click here or the photo to try.


Fruit5 is a simple but additive puzzle game where you have to match 3 or more of the same fruit either horizontally or vertically by swapping fruits. See how many points you get in under 2 minutes.

Click here or the photo to play.


This online stop watch will let you change the size and background color of the page. It also has a split and alarm feature.

Click here or on the photo to try.


This web app was inspired by the iPad Notes application. The text area auto expands as you type and there is a auto save feature.

Click here or on the photo to try.


This game was actually created for Chrome but it will work on the iPad as well. The object of the game is to create the longest line possible. The more segments your line has, the higher the score you can achieve.

Click here or on the photo to play.

Pie Guy

This is a PacMan style game but it seems to be a little easier to control than other PacMan games I’ve played on iOS devices.

Click here or the photo to play.

HTML5 Demo

Here is a neat 3D demo that lets you manipulate three different images on the iPad.

Click here or the photo to try.

If you have any that you would like added, let us know in the comments.

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