iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

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// May 24, 2015
iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

Most users of Android or Windows phones usually like to surf the internet with Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers which are really fast and convenient. When it comes to iPad or iPhone, Safari is the only browser that users get pre-installed with their device. No doubt the functionality and performance vary from one browser to the other, there could be a million dollar question if there is any alternative browser for iPad or iPhone. Actually there are several browsers that can be used on iPad or iPhone apart from using Safari. Let’s have a look on some of them:

Google Chrome:

iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

Just like what you have experienced on Android or Windows devices, Chrome is no exception when you will use it on your iPad and iPhone. In fact, many iOS users prefer using Chrome over Safari due to the faster browsing experience as well as other cool features that make it stand out. With the all latest updates to iOS, the competition between these two browsers are getting overwhelming for the iPad/iPhone users. When it comes to iOS7, it becomes quit difficult to prefer over one another.

Google Chrome IOS APP

Opera Mini:

iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

Opera Mini would be absolutely the best browser for someone who uses data connection mostly on iPhone or iPad and doesn’t want to spend too much data while browsing. Opera Mini does a great job on data compression and is very robust and fast even though rarely it gets any update. If you are running iOS 7, then this is the best Safari alternative browser for you.

Opera Mini


iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

This is probably one of the coolest alternative browsers that you would love to use after Safari. It comes with gesture-based and add-ons for your desktop browsers that will allow you to sync between your iPhone/iPad even your Mac as well. This handy gesture feature will let you assign shapes for different favorite websites and you can switch between tabs with it too.

Dolphin IOS Browser



iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

If you would like to customize your browser heavily, then Atomic is one of the best Safari alternatives that comes with a lot of features like gesture-bases actions, image block, private mode and many more. You can even customize the theme and pick add-ons/Plugins as per your need. All in all, you can do more with this native feel like desktop browser on your iPad/iPhone.

Atomic Browser


iPad & iPhone Safari Alternative Browser

Last but not the least is Mercury browser which should win your heart for its tons of features which may be too much to handle for a mobile browser. Some of the features that you can available with this browser are: relative measure, download image/link right from within the browser, a robust download manager, file sharing, ad block, user-agent spoofing, multi-touch gesture and many more.

No doubt, all the browsers are distinct in one way the other to one another, but certainly you can have trial with all of them. All these browsers worth the test and certainly are the best alternatives for your Safari browser. However, you may use other browsers too which is not mentioned here.

Mercury Browser

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