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Best iPad Apps
// February 12, 2021

Here are my top five apps for the ipad. The ibooks app may be one of the best features of the device. There will be over 30,000 free books from day one. The ipad plus the ibook store in itunes equals the best ebook reader on the market.

Being able to surf the web with a large multi touch screen along with online magazines and sites designed for the ipad makes this one of the best ways to surf the internet.

Having a mail app is essential for this device and this app seems to fit the bill, nicely.

This has to be one of the coolest ways to view photos ever.

Keynote is not included on the ipad out of the box. You can purchase it along with Pages and Numbers for an additional $9.99. They will be available to purchase in the app store.

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Best iPad Apps

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