iBooks Update 1.2 Adds Printing and Collections

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// December 15, 2010

Apple has updated iBooks today, to version 1.2. The latest version adds PDF printing and Collections to the iBooks app.

While viewing PDFs, you will now see a arrow on the top left of the screen.

Touch the arrow and you will have the option to select your printer, select the number of copies and select which pages to print.

Collections makes it easy to organize your books and PDF’s.
To add a new collection, tap “Collections”, then “New” and name your collection.

To move books or PDFs into the new collection, find the books or PDFs you want to move. Then tap “Edit” and select the books or PDF.

Now, tap “Move” and select the collection where you would like them to appear.

Navigating between collections is easy, just swipe on the screen left or right to go to the next collection. You can also tap “Collections” and go straight to the collection you choose.

The update also provide better graphics support for children’s books and you can fit more words per page by automatically hyphenating text, available only on iOS 4.2 or later.

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