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// February 12, 2021

Google’s search app for iPad just received a major update today. The features added in the update make searching faster, more interactive and the app now has several compelling reason to earn a place on your iPad.

I’ve used Google’s search app on the iPad before the update today and have normally elected to just use Google in the Safari browser, that is no longer the case.

Here a few reasons why you may want to start using the Google Search app also.

Google’s App Makes Search More Interactive

After you pick a web page to visit from Google’s search results, the page load on a new, slide-in pane that will layer over the search results. You can slide the pane to the right to get back to your search results, and even keep scrolling through the results as your web page is loading. This allows you to move back and forth from results to web pages quickly to get the information you are looking for.

Search Designed for a Tablet

Google has created a beautiful interface to search for images on the iPad. The revamped app now allows you to search for images in a way that is designed for a tablet. Images load continuously as you swipe down the page. Tap on an image and a nice carousel pops up enabling you to swipe through the images one by one.

Now Instant Previews and History use a carousel-style view of web pages that allow you to visually browse through search results very quickly.

You simply swipe from left to right to view History or tap an icon at the top right of the screen to view Instant Previews.

The Google Search app also provides quick access to services like Gmail, Calendar, Documents, google plus and more.

Get the free Google Search app for iPad at the App Store.

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