Google Play Movies and TV App Now Available On iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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// February 12, 2021
Google Play Movies & TV app now available on iOS

The iPad is the ideal tablet for gaming, movies, and TV shows, but it hasn’t been as friendly to Android users. This brings up the question, “Are there iPad users out there who also love and respect Android?” The answer is “yes.” Just browse the World Wide Web, and you’ll find numerous iPad customers who have affections that are just as strong for Android in some things as their affections are for iOS in others.

When it comes to merging the loves of iOS and Android, clashes often result. I experienced this over the Christmas holiday, when, wanting to watch my Google Play movies on my 9.7-inch iPad, the Google Play Store responded with the message “HTML5 does not work on this device,” and I was forced to watch videos on YouTube in order to make the most of my rentals. I thought to myself, “Why does it matter if I’m watching these on iOS? I paid for the movies, they’re under my username and password; why is it so important that I watch these movies only on Android?”

Google Play Movies & TV app now available on iOS


Apparently, I’m not the only one who heard my thoughts – Google did too. As of this week, Google decided to bring its own iOS-compatible Google Play Movies & TV app to the App Store for Android users who enjoy both the Android and iOS experience. The app is free, available from the App Store, and only requires that you log in initially. After that, you should see your movies and TV shows when you select “My Movies,” for example.


Google Play Movies and TV -- inside the app

The Google Play Movies & TV app is sure to please current Google Play customers who yearn for their iPad to become an extension of their Android device. For loyal iOS customers, Google’s commitment to cross-platform services may be the one factor that stirs an iOS customer to at least try an Android tablet or smartphone experience – something that they may have never attempted before.

Google has another strength going for its Play Movies & TV app: movies and TV shows available for purchase at the Google Play Store are often more affordable than the prices of the iTunes movie collection. If you don’t believe me, just get two devices with the Google Play Store on one, iTunes on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, and compare the prices of similar movies.

There is, however, one thing missing: a Google Play Store app. I know, I know – the chances of this happening are as likely as Apple allowing iOS 7 customers to downgrade to iOS 6. Still, this should make it easier than ever before to watch Google Play movies and TV shows without total reliance on YouTube.

Get on over to the App Store and get your Google Play Movies & TV app now. The Google app is free and is compatible with iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S, 5, and 5s), iPads (2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1 & 2), and iPod Touches (4G and 5G) running iOS 6.0 or higher.

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