Download YouTube Videos On Your iPad

Best iPad Apps
// July 2, 2010

There is another reason to jailbrake your iPad, thanks to a app called aTube.  aTube is similar to MxTube for the iPhone but aTube is optimized for the iPad.

aTube allows users to browse and download YouTube videos on their iPads. Once the videos have been downloaded, the videos can be viewed without an internet connection.

aTube has a couple of nice features, if aTube is interrupted while you are downloading a video you can resume downloading where you left off and aTube lets you create playlists for your videos. This avoids having to start each video individually.

aTube is a great app to have on your iPad and the best part is it’s free. To get the app, just  search for aTube on Cydia or Rock and install it.

Here is a quick video showing the interface and how it resumes downloading when interrupted.

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