Best music apps for iPad

Best iPad Apps
// February 12, 2021

There’s been many complaints about the changes that were made to the music app with iOS 5. Many people preferred the interface before the changes were made. If you don’t care for the music app with iOS 5 there are many other ways to enjoy your music on your iPad. Even if you like the iPad’s music app these apps provide many additional features. Apple is even showcasing music discovery apps in the App Store here.

Here are a few of our favorite music apps for the iPad.


SoundHound is one of the coolest most innovative music apps ever. SoundHound can recognize your song in a little as four seconds by singing it or humming it. You can also play a song from another device and the app will identify what song it is.

You are also able to access your own music on your iPad and SoundHound will find the lyrics for your songs. The app also has previews for music not on your iPad, iTunes and Pandora links, and full length YouTube videos.

Get SoundHound for Free at the App Store.


Groovebug scans your music on your iPad and enables you to play your music from the Groovebug app. You can read bios and news about various artist while listening to your music. You can also watch videos and discover new artist in a slick interactive way. The app has a record that you can spin that has photos and names of similar artist that you are listening to or searching for. Groovebug puts all of these features in one place with a well designed app.

Get Groovebug for Free at the App Store.


It’s hard to write about music apps and not include Pandora. The Pandora app doesn’t allow you to access your music that stored on your iPad but Pandora creates a personalized radio stream for you to listen to full length songs based artist or songs you enter.

Pandora also provides information for you to read about the artist you are listening to.

Get Pandora for Free at the App Store.

Vevo HD

If you enjoy watching music videos you will want to try Vevo.
Vevo has over 25,000 videos of top artists, live streaming events, premieres and video playlists. The Vevo app shows trivia to keep you occupied while videos loads. The app includes tour dates and ticket information based on your location. You can use history to recall previously watched videos and share videos using Twitter, Facebook and Email.

Get Vevo Hd for Free at the App Store.

Wall of Sound

Wall of Sound is all about discovering new music. The app uses album art to fill your iPad’s screen and you navigate simply by moving your finger in any direction. With over 20 million songs available to preview there is plenty of new music to discover. The size of the music tiles can be adjusted with pinch and zoom, and music can be filtered by different genres. If you find a song you want purchase, you can tap on a link that opens the song in iTunes.

Get Wall of Sound for Free at the App Store.

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Best iPad Apps

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