Best free iPad video player apps

Best iPad Apps
// February 12, 2021

The iPad default version video player has a basic functionality and is not especially powerful, so it is well worth a visit to the iTunes App Store to look through the wide selection of alternative free video player apps. Here, fresh from the App Store test bench are six of the best popular free iOS video player apps.

OPlayerHD LiteOPlayerHD Lite icon

OPlayer handles multiple formats very well. Files can be transferred from a computer via iTunes or a wireless network. Besides local file playback, OPlayer also supports video streaming formats. Strong on compatibility, this is definitely one of the best quality free video apps. In the ‘lite’ version a low-profile text   advert appears within menus.

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Air Playit HD

Air Playit HD

This app features an alternative to storing video files on an iPad. This is achieved by streaming video files direct from a desktop computer to the iPad. App activation and operation requires the installation of a free server application from the AirPlayit webpages. Windows and Mac OS X versions are available. Another useful feature is AirPlayit’s file conversion facility for incompatible video files. AirPlayit can convert files in live mode during video streaming to an iPad, or in offline mode when incompatible files, stored on the iPad, are then replayed.

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PlayerXtreme HDPlayerXtreme HD icon

This iPad video player is rich in features and allows solid and reliable video playback of many file types, including most impressive h.264 playback. The PlayerXtreme iTunes page carries a full list of file compatibilities. File transfer to the iPad is available via iTunes. There are no onboard ads. There is an in-app upgrade path for extra features.

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VMPlayer LiteVM Player HD Lite icon

VMPlayer is a well-designed iPad video player. This is a stylish and fully featured app which is unfortunately not compatible with AC3, EAC3 and Dolby codecs. However, VMPlayer does support MKV, FLV and a long list of other codecs and HD formats.

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Best iPad Apps

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  1. David Swartzbaugh says:

    My iPad was streaming video just fine but recently streams almost not at all. The audio comes thru fine but the vid just remains frozen on the opening screen. Do i need to clean anything up? Storage says I have 7 gig left available. Any suggestions?

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