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// February 12, 2021
Best FaceTime Alternative to iPad

There are so many alternatives out there to FaceTime on iPads nowadays. But how do we separate the best from the rest? People are into Skype and video chatting in a big way now. FaceTime has a lot of problems though it offers benefits too. But if it turns out to be a major issue for you, don’t worry. These alternative apps can work just as well and even better in some cases. Skype is generally considered the monarch of video calling apps, but here are some FaceTime Alternatives that are kings in their own right. The reason you would be getting an alternatives is beacuse your Facetime is having an error.

#1 WeChat

Best FaceTime Alternative to iPad

This is a free service. More than half a billion people across the world now use WeChat. WeChat’s user base is mostly based in Asian countries. You can send and receive not only SMS but MMS messages as well and share photos as well as games with friends using this marvellous video calling app. This is one app which can be used across different countries in the globe.

#2 Tango

Apple has introduced FaceTime for iOS devices and developers tried to come up with Android alternatives. One video calling app that works really well and belongs to this genre is Tango. It may take two to tango, but this video calling app also has a group chat option apart from offering high definition video and audio calls as well as messaging.

#3 Imo

Best FaceTime Alternative to iPad

Another free video calling app that is not heard of in many countries, but works just as well as Skype is Imo. This has the same features as FaceTime minus the drawbacks. This app also has a streamlined appearance which lets you see stuff without getting an eyestrain. Video and audio quality is the best and you can even send video clips and photos for free. If your friend is unable to chat at the moment, you can send messages that he or she is able to access later. This app also has the most interesting emojis and you can be sure expressing yourself using it is a dream come true.

#4 OoVoo

This free video calling app can be likened to Viber and Tango. With high definition audio and video calls, this app has features that make it competitive. This app has the unique distinction of offering video calls for close to 12 persons for group chatting and you can split the screen into equal halves while talking to multiple people at the same type.

So, Skype is not the only option you have in your video calling apps toolkit. There are plenty more apps in the market, but these have the added advantage of being free and awesome. So, check out these apps and opt for video calling with a difference.

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