Backbreaker Football for the iPad

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// February 12, 2021

If you just can’t wait until football season starts, you can play Backbreaker football on your iPad to help get your football fix.

Backbreaker football is not a full-fledged football game, it’s a series of scoring waves. You basically are a running back trying to run the football into the end-zone.

The game offers great 3D graphics and some nice customizations, such as, adding your name on the jersey, choosing different teams and even choosing your skin color.

The game is really simple to play. You tilt the iPad left or right for direction and tilt it forward or backwards to run or stop. Some of the moves to get by opponents are juking, spinning and sprinting.

There’s also some unlockable content you get by completing challenges and you can post your scores online against others.

The lite version is free and the full version is $0.99 at the app store.

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