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// February 12, 2021

I have been using the Atomic Web Browser for awhile and it’s a great iPad browser. The Tabs feature alone is worth the price of the app but there is a lot of more features.

The Atomic Browser will allow you to change how a website recognizes your iPad. There is a setting called “Identify Browser As” that will let websites see your iPad as a desktop browser.

This comes in handy with Google’s new image search. Google’s new image search allows images to load as you scroll, instead of going to another page. If you are using the default iPad browser, you will still need to open new pages to see more images but not if you are using the Atomic Web Browser with the setting changed to a desktop.

This browser is loaded with features, it might be the best $0.99 you can spend on a app.

Key Features

  • Tabs!
  • Identify As: Safari Desktop, IE, Firefox, etc
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Ad Block
  • Multi Touch Gestures (5 multi touch gestures are supported)
  • Save Pages for Offline Viewing
  • In Page Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Search Engine Plugins
  • Adjust Font
  • Bookmark Scripts
  • Image Block
  • Private Mode
  • Password Lock


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