Actions for iPad: Does It Deliver?

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// February 12, 2021
actions personal control palette

Actions for iPad is an app that allows one to access their personal computer via the iPad. Whether you use a Mac or a Windows operating system, Actions can work for you.

Opening applications, accessing files, creating shortcuts – all of this is now possible with Actions. Actions can be used in both portrait and landscape mode.

actions features

In terms of design, I would describe it as clean, colourful, organized and straightforward. There are 14 buttons in total featured on the screen. Some have white dots underneath them and this signifies that there are additional actions that can be taken. Actions works with the use of gestures. Swiping downward with three fingers will show you your set library while swiping three fingers to the left or to the right allows for moving between sets. To put it simply, there’s not much that you cannot do with Actions. It is revolutionary, convenient and that said it’s no surprise it is currently sitting on the top charts in the App Store.

In order to make the app work, you will have to put in your email when you launch the app and download the client onto your computer. You will then be provided with a code that you enter in the app. Once this is successful, you can start using Actions.

Apart from a plethora of actions, you can also turn off, restart and log out of your computer with Actions. If you wish to start a new set, this can be done by swiping downward using three fingers.

actions personal control palette

Actions can also be used with media apps such as VLC, iTunes, Quicktime, etc. Volume, pausing, playing, skipping, muting, etc. can also be done using Actions. Overall, while the app is a tad slow and some controls require getting accustomed to, it is otherwise flawless and seamless in terms of function and execution.

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