5 Must Have App To Increase Productivity On The iPad Air 2

Best iPad Apps
// February 12, 2021

Whilst many people will own an iPad tablet today, how many of us actually use them productively?

The iPad Air 2 is without a doubt one of the most comprehensively successful and all-around awesome tablets released yet, but many of its owners only tap into a tiny fraction of its potential .if you are looking to get more out of your tablet and use it for more than being your instant link to social media and news from around the world, here are 5 must have apps to increase productivity on the iPad Air 2;

Pages – Apple


For just $9.99, you can give yourself access to one of the most useful word processing packages ever released for a mobile device before. It’s simple to use and can be excellent for getting things done on the move so if you need to type up a quick client contract or a few e-mails whilst you go, you can use Apple Pages to help you put together visually exciting and easy to read pages of information right away.




iWork gives you more than Apple Pages, offering you access to things like spreadsheets, representations and anything else you can think of on the go. If you want to get things done and you need to be more productive when you are mobile this is an absolute must have to stay active on the go and to provide yourself with the best chance possible of getting things done.


Evernote – Evernote


Evernote is awesome for staying productive and can help you take notes on the go – it’s got a wide range of syncing abilities, too, which will let you keep captures of anything you like.

See a cool website design? Evernote it!

See a lovely video that you need to use for inspiration? Evernote it!

This is just such a simple way of getting things done, offering simplicity and variety in abundance.


GoodReader for Good – Good.iWare Ltd.


Goodreader is an excellent PDF document that will let you read key notes and information that you are sent on the go – if you have to run through some presentation notes or you recive a client NDA to sign, you’ll find that Goodreader has all the features that you need to stay busy whilst you are moving. It’s easy to open, navigate and edit all of your documents for quick and simple usage.

Box for iPhone and iPad – Box, Inc.


Box is a solid cloud tool that lets you store key details and information to access whenever. If you need to do some extra work from home when you get in, why not make your work files available via your cloud? Now, you never need to miss out again and can have access to everything through your mobile device whilst you are on the go.

Getting the most out of your iPad 2 should be quite easy once you start using these 5 keys apps – they’ll boost productivity and let you be a more comprehensive and methodical person in the future.

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Best iPad Apps

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