The Coburns – Brilliant Wooden iPad Stands Funded by Kickstarter

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// February 12, 2021
coburns ipad stand

One thing that’s absolutely wonderful about the world of Apple is that the creators of their accessories seem to be almost as innovative as they are. Having said that, it’s not surprising to find that there’s a new iPad accessory to look forward to as developed by Fine Grain and it’s going to drop very soon.


Kickstarter is essentially a website that allows for creative projects to be funded by people who are interested in seeing the aforementioned come into fruition. Fine Grain has decided to launch its minimalist wood iPad stands and I can’t say how excited I am for it!

pau ferro coburns

One thing that really stands out to me with the Coburns is that they are made of strong and exotic hardwoods. It cannot be denied that majority of today’s iPad accessories make use of metals and other very 21st century materials. The Coburns are the difference as they are a throwback to the way “things used to be”. It’s so simple yet so useful. It is sure to be a breath of fresh air for iPad accessory enthusiasts who are tired of products that are avant-garde and futuristic.

birdseye maple coburns

There are two pairs that are going to be made available by Fine Grain and these include the Bird’s Eye Maple Coburns and the Pau Ferro Coburns. The former is lighter while the latter is a much darker shade. Perhaps the most attractive and noteworthy feature of the Coburns is that it will allow one to view the iPad in myriad angles in either portrait or landscape. This is the difference among the Coburns and other iPad accessories which typically only allow for one angle for both portrait and landscape.

coburns ipad portrait

The Coburns are also extremely impact and can be transported anymore. They also won’t scratch your iPad as wood is softer than glass and aluminium. Needless to say the only people who are probably more excited than me for the release are the creators!

coburns ipad landscape

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