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// February 12, 2021

Logitech announced the Harmony Link last month and we have been using the new gadget that turns your iOS devices into a remote for all of your IR devices.

The Harmony Link is not the first device that transforms your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into a remote for your TV and other components but coming from the maker of Harmony remotes is what intrigued me about this one.

The great thing about Harmony remotes is you can create Activities like, Watch a Movie. Then, the remote can turn on your devices and select the appropriate input settings with the touch of a button.

Also, Harmony remotes can connect to a computer to be configured and the setting can sync to your remotes. This makes setting up the remotes simpler but it also ensures that future electronic devices you purchase will be supported by Harmony remotes.

The Harmony Link brings all of the great features of a Harmony remote to your iOS devices.

How it Works

The Harmony Link is a small hockey puck size device that connects to your Wi-Fi network, then blasts IR signals to all your home theater devices. The only cord the device needs is a power cord. Although, it does come with a IR mini blaster if you want to send the signal behind closed doors.

Logitech has free apps available for the iPad and iPhone available at the App Store. The iPad app takes advantage of the large screen and offers a guide with your local listings where users can tap “Watch Now” from the guide and the channel changed to the program. The iPad app has a well designed interface for the remote. The remote slides out from the side and can expand to take up more than half of the screen to reveal all of the functions of your remote.

The iPhone app simply aims to replace your remote. You still get the One Touch Activities and all the functions of your remotes but without the guide that comes with the iPad app. Due to the size of the iPhone, it feels much like an actual remote.

Setting up the Harmony Link is made fairly simple. Just plug the small device into your computer (with the supplied cable) and plug in the AC power adapter. Then, go to myharmony.com and set up the device for your Wi-Fi network and home theater devices. You will need the model numbers for the devices you want to control with your iOS devices but if you don’t have them the Harmony Link is also capable of learning the commands of your remote.

After using the Harmony Link, I can say I’m pleased with the ease of setting up the device, both of the apps, the way the device functions and even the price of $100.

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