iPad Arcade and the iPad Cam-Case

Best iPad Accessories
// February 12, 2021

Here are two very interesting iPad accessory ideas.

The first one address the iPads lack of camera. This concept comes from a very creative person named Chet Rosales. It’s a sliding case with a built in camera and microphone. The camera rotates which would be very useful. The aesthetics of case could be improved but the concept is very appealing.

The next intriguing idea comes from a April fools joke from ThinkGeek. They announced a spoof arcade cabinet for the iPad. It’s actually a pretty good idea, some games would be easier to control with a joystick.
A company called Freekade already has a working prototype. I like the look of the one from the April fools joke better.

I think both of them are very good ideas and they will probably become a reality in the future.

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