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// February 12, 2021

I personally love the Smart Cover but there’s also some good third party cases for the iPad 2. Here is a list some of the best Smart Cover alternatives. All of these cases take advantage of magnetic sensor embedded in the iPad 2 that automatically turns the iPad off when the cover is closed and turn it on when it’s open.

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Miniot Cover for iPad 2

The Miniot Cover is a gorgeous iPad 2 cover that is very similar to Apple’s Smart Cover. It is made from a single piece of cherry wood incised with grooves that allows the cover to roll instead of folding.

As much as I love the looks of Minot’s cover, I would wait on some reviews before purchasing the cover. It is priced the same as the leather Smart Covers. Price $70.

STM Skinny for iPad 2

It’s a lightweight, form-fitting case that provides full protection for your iPad 2. Price $39.99

Product Description: Sleek hard shell back and magnetic on/off front flap protects your iPad 2 from scratches and external abuse.

  • Durable and water resistant fabric plus high density foam fully protects your digital investment
  • Auto on and off front cover wakes up the device and puts it to sleep
  • Lightweight, slim and protective construction for a comfortable and easy carry
  • Snap in, hard shell back with soft lining provides enhanced protection from scratches and bumps
  • Easy to access device ports and control buttons
  • Foldable front cover folds for both typing or viewing positions
  • Complete protection for the iPad 2

The Octavo for iPad 2

Your iPad 2 will fit snugly into the Quill Octavio Case, crafted in Italian bonded leather. Close it shut and people will assume you’ve brought along a classy leather organizer. Price $59.99.

  • Utilizes the iPad 2 magnet sensor to shut off/turn on the iPad when you close/open the book!
  • Classic Red, Camden Blue and Field Green.
  • Optional interior pocket available in all colors.
  • Holds the iPad 2 very securely with proprietary bumper materials.
  • Covered in Italian bonded leather.
  • The ‘bookmark’ for easier device removal
  • Patented sound channel
  • Wrap around spine for multiple viewing configurations
  • Hand made in the Twin Cities, USA

SmartBlazer2 for iPad 2

The SmartBlazer2 Leather Folio is the closest replica of the Smart Cover that you will find. It opens, folds, and stands in exactly the same way as Apple’s creation—except that now, the case has added the desirable feature of protecting the back of the iPad 2. Price $59.95

Orbino’s Padova Leather Case

Orbino’s Padova Leather Case encases your iPad 2 in Italian leather, and comes in a variety of colors; or choose from five special edition Exotic Skins.

These are the most expensive cases on our list. The prices start at $209 for Italian leather, $569 for Exotic Skins and $689 for Brown Crocodile.


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