Belkin Snap Shield Secure for iPad 3rd gen: a Review

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// February 12, 2021
belkin iPad cover green

When it comes to durable and sturdy iPad cases, it can be difficult to pick them out of the crowd as there are myriad offerings available on the market today. Belkin has always been one of my favourite accessory providers for Apple products as I own a case for my iPod that has shown barely any wear and tear throughout the years.

Having said that, I decided to try out Belkin’s Snap Shield Secure for iPad 3rd gen. not surprisingly, the case didn’t disappoint. With its alluring colour choices (e.g. smoke, green, red, navy, pink and clear) and sleek appearance, it definitely stood out from the rest.belkin green

The Snap Shield Secure offers all around protection. Belkin calls it 360 degree protection. This essentially means that your iPad is protected from top to bottom, left to right. This brings me much comfort and reassurance as I have the tendency to rush and drop my belongings. It’s happened to my iPhone and iPod in the past and the result wasn’t pretty. But I digress.

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Another standout feature of the Snap Shield Secure is that it is both ultra thin and lightweight. I don’t like having to carry heavy objects around with me but because I use the iPad for numerous purposes, it has become essential to lug it around. I give Belkin plus points for attempting to make its cover as light and thin as possible so as not to add extra weight.

belkin pink

One thing that’s impossible to miss with this product by Belkin is that feels great to touch. That’s something that it has in common with Apple and that is perhaps why it appeals to me so much. Last but not least, the Snap Shield Secure utilizes a smart cover which spares you the hassle to having to unlock the screen every time you snap your case shut. Two thumbs up!

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