Aviiq Smart Case for iPad 2: Ordinary or in a League of Its Own?

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// February 12, 2021
aviiq ipad 2 case - white series - orange

From the get-go, it’s plain to see that the Aviiq Smart Case is a force to be reckoned with. Available in a white series, black series, and gray series, without a doubt the creators behind this release had one goal in mind: to please its customers and offer them a wide array of colours and variations to choose from.

The white series is available in blue, green, gray, orange, pink and red while the black series comes in shades of black, charcoal gray, and red. Lastly, the gray series is available in light blue, orange, red, green, pink, black and silver. If aesthetics is equally important to you as keeping your iPad protected, this is where the Aviiq Smart Case comes in. Here you are provided with myriad options to choose from and this is great if like me, one of your concerns is having an iPad case that doesn’t mirror everyone else’s.

aviiq ipad 2 case - black series - black

I particularly like the feel of the aluminium against my skin as it’s cool and smooth to the touch. Interestingly enough, the official website states that the aluminium was purposefully chosen to dissipate heat. I also like how light it feels in my hands given that the iPad 2 in itself isn’t that light. The fit is chic and it keeps my iPad 2 covered sufficiently so that I’m secure that it will be protected from any scratches and bumps that can occur from friction or any accidental falls.

aviiq ipad 2 case - gray series - pink

One thing that’s very important to me with the products that I purchase is customer care. With the Aviiq Smart Case, I’m fully confident in the quality and reliability of the product because of the 30 day money back guarantee. However, this only applies if you purchased the product on the official website (AViiQ.com).

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